Day ?? – City ?? – Year ??

That heading is a little misleading, but the sentiment feels very true. I know where we are (Syracuse, NY) and I know the day and year. May 23, 2018, right?

I know everyone “can’t believe it’s already *fill in month*“, but this time it feels so surreal to be writing this post on July 3rd (Happy Birthday, Uncle Chuck and Tom Cruise!) in my hometown. My amoeba brain cannot comprehend the things we have seen and the places we have been. So much has happened since Marfa and I do plan on writing about all of it. Like the nudist who let us stay at his property in the middle of nowhere, and all of the friends and family we have seen, and this…

But from here on out, the blog will probably be as scattered as my brain feels.

Day 67 coming up!


  • Aunt Sandy,,!!!

    Hi, travelers of the USA! How is your pup? Best of luck with the surgery. 🐶 Keep those crazy blogs coming my way. They make me smile.
    Love the pic of you and Chris!!

    • Potent Menagerie

      Thank you! Clementine came through like a champ and almost immediately started running around and jumping like a lunatic. Exactly what she is not supposed to do. I’m so sorry we missed you on our way through 🙁

  • Brianna

    Um….it’s about time you updated. I think you need to realize that while you are having all these wonderful experiences and, like, living life some of us are bored at work. How are we supposed to live vicariously through you if we don’t know what you’re doing? Glad you’re having a good trip!

    • Potent Menagerie

      I have never been in a hurricane, so I’m not sure, but YES. The winds were nuts. And the storm was so cool!

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